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The past year was the first for some long time when “normal” Parish business could take place without the distractions of the Covid pandemic. That was fortunate given the number of events that occurred. The first was the Platinum Jubilee of the late Queen that was celebrated by a “party” held on the Playing Field in East Runton that involved entertainment for everyone and marked the first use of a newly purchased marquee that will now be available for village events. Indeed the storage for that and other equipment such as the gas beacon highlighted the need for some suitable accommodation, that was purchased in the form of a shed, located behind the East Runton village hall.

Several Councillors spent many hours arranging this event together with helpers from the village. We are most grateful to them.

An inaugural horticultural show was arranged that had a pleasing number of entries that we hope will be exceeded this year when it is repeated.

Last year saw the introduction of an illuminated Christmas tree in West Runton, this year it was repeated with the addition of a Carol Service (with refreshments) that was remarkably well attended, despite the weather. East Runton too had a Christmas Tree and Carol Service which proved to be very popular. Once again we are indebted to the organisers and to the Parish Vicar who made both occasions memorable.

The feasibility study occasioned by traffic problems in West Runton was completed by Norfolk County Council. The investigation resulted in a report that suggested that a 20mph speed limit through the village in place of the 30mph one could offer some mitigation to difficulties especially egress from Water Lane. The cost of the proposal would be some £24,000 that would need to be funded by the Parish. The Council agreed to pay for the work and we look forward to its implementation as soon as possible (given the advertising and consultation that is required in such cases.)

The commons in the villages continued to attract much attention with views ranging from the desire to see them as manicured lawns to wildlife meadows. We continue with a stewardship agreement with the County Council to promote conservation areas within the commons as well as mowing them several times a year, depending on growth. The very dry winter has led to groundwater levels being very low so that water abstraction for public supply has affected pond levels. Anglian Water had undertaken to provide mitigation measures this autumn.

Allotments have received quite a lot of attention, especially the removal or trimming of boundary trees. Bonfires and their control caused much debate; but in the end good manners and consideration of the impact on others will provide the best outcome. The Council has however restricted the times when fires from the allotments are permitted. (That is to say fires that do not contain anything other than allotment debris that cannot be composted.

Highway maintenance (or the lack of it) especially after heavy rain continue to be reported to the relevant authorities. Regrettably little action ensues.

Parish Councillors have continued to act as representatives on other bodies. The Village Hall Committee, The Playing Field Committee, The Parish History Society, The Ploughlet Charity, The Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel and other organisations of and in the Parish. Their contribution is considerable and in some case maintain the viability of the body..

During the year two Parish Councillors, Brian Cushion and Bruce Bedwell resigned. Both gentlemen did much for the Council and the area. Brian was the expert on boundary matters and Bruce on the miasma of planning.  We hope that some way towards their replacement can be achieved in the upcoming elections.

I would like to thank the unsung heroes who do so much for our villages, ranging from litter picking, bus shelter cleaning, pond maintenance, and newsletter delivery, all of which help to keep the Runtons special.

Finally I would like to thank all the Councillors for their help but especially Barbara our Parish Clerk who has had many challenges to face this year. Her production of the recently enlarged Runtonian Newsletter is especially appreciated.




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724.50 724.50 Commons Works 10554.62 13764.50
    Lighting, Power / Maintenance 1536.24 1367.77
    Footpaths 420.00 860.00
1,905.50 1738.00 Allotments 9235.50 6199.18
    Salaries / PAYE / NIC 17021.47 15041.04
0 258.75 Grants/Donations/events 3290.38 550.00
    Insurance 1611.36 1330.69
10,015.33 4142.38 Mast Site  -  Playing Field costs 1636.00 495.00
    General Purpose Fund 10407.31 9167.03
5748.43 3157.87 VAT 3159.15 2549.02
31,512.25 30000.00 Caravan Site Rent.    
15,300.00 15,000.00 Precept    
15.04 329.47 Interest    


Property and Land fees

Land rent

1791.66 1824.47


160.00 100.00 Wayleave    
65411.55 55480.97 Totals 60,663.69 54,658.70

The VAT refund is sometimes not the same as the account as it is not always paid back until the following year accounts.


Parish Clerk: Barbara Emery.
The Reading Room, Felbrigg Rd, East Runton, Cromer NR27 9PE
Telephone 01263 512214
Office open Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 10.30am-1pm and 2pm-3.30pm
Email: runtonpc@aol.com Website: www.runtoneastandwest.co.uk


Ms. C. Davidson Chair

Mr. R. Smith
Mr. R. Annis
Mrs. B. Memish

Mr. S. Gurney Vice-Chair

Mr. K. Jonas.
Mr. P. Nichols

Ms. T.Edwards
Mr. G. Baker

Mr. Chris Hawkins
Councillors may be contacted through the Clerk at the office number or email above.